How to Root your Droid

If you are wondering how to root your android phone this may work. It will work for the Motorola (droid) A855 for sure but the steps are similar for other android devices.

Here are the steps you will need to take to root a droid.(rooting will load a factory image of the phone and you will lose all of your data, so it is recommended that you back up or save any data that you do not want to lose)

You will need to download a few tools for this and they are: 
1) The .sbf file with is actually the image of the operating system on your phone
2) USB drivers for your phone so that your phone can be recognized by the tool we are going to use to load the image onto the phone
3) RSD Lite - it is a tool made by Motorola specifically for this reason.
4) And of course the phone, USB cable and A computer running windows

Links to the Downloads are here
RSD Lite V4.6
.SBF File this version is Android Froyo 2.2 stable version
USB Drivers for Motorola Droid (32bit)

Here We Go!!!

1) Download all of the files above files
2) Install the RSD Lite and USB Drivers and place the .sbf file on your desktop
3) Connect your phone to your computer with the USB cable, and turn it off
4) Tap the power button and quickly hold the volume up and camera button until the Bootloader appears on your screen(this allows you to load the .SBF file
5) Run RSD Lite as Administrator (if it asks)
6) Click the  "..." next to  the filename box and browse to the desktop where you saved the .sbf file and double click the .sbf file.
7) Click Start and if should give you a completion progress on the first line
8) When it is finished you will have an unrooted version of 2.2
9)  now you will open your browser on your phone and click the link below (or find it how ever else you know how. google always works) to download z4root app to root your droid. you will have to tell your phone to allow apps that are not in the "Market"   You can do this by going to settings, clicking on applications and checking the box that says Unknown Sources.( You have to do this because  z4root was banned from the Android Market )

10) After the phone is rooted it will reboot and you can now enjoy your rooted phone for things like turning your phone into a free wireless hotspot like i do. that app is in the android market as wireless tether but can be downloaded here.

Also after you rootadroid you may want to turn off automatic or OTA updates after you root your phone you can download  the Root Explorer and navigate to /system/etc/security click on mount and rename to  (this will stop updates to the OS from being received by your phone so the phone stays rooted.

I am telling you you will love this. I wanted to get a new phone until I did this, now i have everything i need.

I hope this information was helpful. - CFaulk 4/17/2011

    Have any questions fill out information below or email me at this link